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1995 ACM Conference Attendees Online Registration

Although we encourage on-line registration, on-site registration will be allowed. The schedule gives the times for on-site registration.


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The registration fee for the conference is $35.00 per student participant, $45 for all other participants. After submitting this information, we must receive your payment in thirty days and two weeks prior to the conference, or you will be removed from the registration lists. If you send in payment for multiple registrants please note the registrants being payed for. No refunds will be given beyond 30 days prior to the conference. Please make all checks payable to ACM at UIUC

Mail to:

1225 Digital Computer Laboratory
1304 West Springfield
Urbana, IL 61801-3888

If you wish to submit a resume please include a one page copy of your resume within the letter you send your payment in. This document will be scanned in to be placed into the resume book.

If you have any questions please mail our student liason: Jeff Thompson