Companies to Attend Employment Fair (and Conference Sponsors)

Listed below are the corporate sponsors of the 1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference along with a short introduction to each company. These companies are responsible for the success of past and future Midwestern ACM Chapter Conferences and ACM@UIUC would like to thank each sponsor for their contribution to the success of this conference. Each of these companies will have a booth at the Employment Fair on October 11, 1996, so be sure to stop by and try to wrangle job opportunities.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)
is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets. AMD produces microprocessors , flash memories, programmable logic devices, and products for communications and networking applications. Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, Calif., AMD had revenues of $2.4 billion in 1995 (NYSE: AMD).

Andersen Consulting
is a global management and technology consulting organization whose mission is to help its clients change to be more successful. The organization helps its clients link strategy, people, processes and technology.

The mission of BALR Corporation is to be a recognized leader in providing UNIX and other Open Systems software solutions. In order to provide outstanding value and innovative technology to their business and engineering customers, BALR is committed to continuous improvement and to promoting an environment that attracts, challenges, and develops talented individuals, and allows them to dedicate their efforts to the needs of their customers.

Since 1916, The Boeing Company has made machines that fly -- carrying man and his goods the world over, defending the peace, helping in the exploration of space. In the process, we have become one of the nation's most admired companies, and the world leader in designing and building commercial jet airplanes.

Business Data Services, Inc. (BDS)
was founded in 1984. The company's primary focus is the development of highly customized applications. BDS works toward one goal--developing a custom software solution, in an open systems environment, that meets or exceeds their client's business needs.

Citrix Systems, Inc.
develops, markets and supports a wide range of application server products. With over 35,000 servers installed worldwide, supporting over half a million end users, Citrix is the industry's leading supplier of Microsoft-compatible application servers.

is engaged principally in the production, purchase, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity to both wholesale and retail customers. The geographical area in which ComEd provides retail service extends across one-fifth of the state of Illinois and includes the city of Chicago. ComEd serves more than 3.3 million customers, presenting 8.2 million people or approximately 70 percent of the state's population.

Cray Research
systems are used to improve product quality, lower development costs, and reduce time-to-market. Manufacturers rely on Cray Research systems to design cleaner, more efficient engines for automobiles and aircraft, more cost-effective processing plants, and safer, more effective pharmaceuticals and chemicals--and to more efficiently maximize new energy sources. And Cray Research systems are used by research scientists to solve large, complex problems, such as predicting weather, tackling environmental issues, and understanding life-threatening viruses.

Crowe Chizek
is the 10th largest CPA/Consulting firm in the United States. Founded in 1942, today they have over 900 client services professionals. Quality work is at the foundation of creating value for our clients and involves work which is directed at your needs, competently performed and technically correct. Quality service involves prompt and efficient service delivery and communication. Developing a personal relationship with you involves properly managing expectations and perceptions of service through carefully nurtured personal relationships, trust, and commitment.