Conference '96 Pictures

The Digital Cameras came out of hiding for the conference again this year... Here are the GIFs we have converted so far:
The Office Aftermath
Paul Watts - "It's All You."
Advanced Micro Devices
Amy Ryan at the Registration Desk
Amy again
Andersen Consulting
BALR Consulting
Chillin with da Boyz
Code to Live
Crowe Chizek
Deloitte & Touche
More Deloitte & Touche
Dunn Systems
More Dunn Systems
Eric Adams
Eric Adams again
Whoa. Cool Flash.
Guidant Corporation
More Guidant
Jay Kreibich
Jay Kreibich again
Jim of Lante Corporation
The Keynote speech
Kinesoft at the "beach"
More Kinesoft
The Kiosks in action
Roxanne Herrera with McBain, the PowerMac donated by Symantec
Roxanne and McBain again
MechMania II
More MechMania II
More MechManiacs
Microsoft again
The N64 Ate my Brain!
The N64 with Tellabs
The N64 was a magnet for high school kids
Paul Nash
Paul Nash Again
Nathan Schrenk
The Man with No Face
Alex Osdazinski in action
Alex Osdazinski continues
Patrick Coulson, SGI's fun-lovin recruiter
More Patrick
Brian holding the "plaque"
Mike Ringenberg chillin at the registration desk
Erich Ringewald
Erich Ringewald continues
Erich Ringewald again
Mark Roth and Dale Schouten
We took lots of test pictures of Roxanne Herrera...
Roxanne Herrera of Symantec
More Roxanne
Still more...
Dale Schouten
Dale Schouten Again
Dale at the Intel booth
Dale at the Intel booth again
Silicon Graphics
Silicon Graphics Again
The MechMania II victors: Squirrels In Space
State Farm
Symantec (dark image)
Christy Schumacher talking with those wacky Tellabs guys
A panicked Dan Wellman
Alex Zoghlin on Entrepreneurship
Alex Zoghlin continues...
Alex Zoghlin again

Here are some pics taken by KC Smith.

And here are some photos taken by Brian Swetland.

The Roadtrip

Some hapless travelers never learned how to clear out their Quicktake when they were through with it. Here is their saga.

Whoa! Pavement!
Yup, that's still the road we're on...
No Parallax here...
That's a nice bump you got there...
Aaaaahhhh!!! Guardrail!
The landscape certainly is streaky in (Colorado?)
Yup, road's still there...
Enough of the road already!!!
Shouldn't you be driving?
Is that a guardrail or the Greatest American Hero?
Hey, how's it goin?
Pretty nice landscape shot here.
Just a little farther back...
You drove a van with a hatchback?
May I help you?
What airport is this, anyway? Phoenix?