Pictures of different people just hanging out at the conference

This is the outside of the ACM office. Things hadn't really gotten started yet, so most people were still relaxing.

Things really started to happen when we opened registration the day of the conference.

Amy models one the beautiful conference volunteer shirts.

There was still work to be done on the server for the programming contest, and the time was running short.

It was an interesting experience to walk out of the office and see Steve Wozniak hanging out in the hall way.

Woz is a very easy person to talk to, and was more than happy to listen to anything you had to say, or answer questions you might have.

Here we see a crowd gather as the time for Steve's talk approaches.

It was only with constant teamwork and communication that we were able to get anything done. Things went better than expected.

Here we see Jonathan Stark and Ben Gross talking with Woz.

Even during lunch, Wozniak was more than happy to talk with everyone.

Here are most of the people that helped organize and run the conference. Woz is hiding in the back row, about half way to the right.

The dinner at the Illini Union was, shall we say, interesting. Here we can see the effect the salad dressing had on Greg.

Another table of people attempting to figure out the content of the salad dressing.

Greg and Brian are hanging out at the MechMania programming contest final. Greg is happy because he got to yell "sunday Sunday SUNDAY" into the mic, and Brian is grateful to know he can get some sleep as soon as this is over.

Brandon looks a little worried about Dave, who had to stay up late helping with the programming contest and his Java talk.

Lunch on Sunday was a relaxing picnic in the DCL hallway. It gave people a chance pick their favorites for the final round of the programming contest, which was comming up next.

Another good thing about Sunday lunch: there was plenty of food for seconds!

Murphy's Pub is a place we all like to hang out. I think it is the only bar in the world where you will find an NCSA Mosaic logo carved into the benches.

The office turned into a central area for meeting people and getting in contact with the people who were needed to get things done. It was a big mess by the end of the conference.

Jon Roma is a HUGE Zippy the Pinhead fan. Here we see him hanging out of his new office window (into the hallway) showing off his newer Zippy shirt. He was very sad when the one taped to the window became to small for him to wear.

Jeff shows how we all felt when it was finally over.

Last updated: 7/15/96