Why Should I Attend?

Who Should Attend?

The 1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference is open to all students and professionals interested in computer technology. Registration forms are available for download in PostScript format (439K), GZipped PostScript format (226K), or in an online form. Thanks to corporate sponsorship, the 1996 conference should cost attendees less than last year, however, registration fees are currently unavailable.

Why Should I Attend?

The Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference was conceived to bring students and professionals together to provide timely, accurate and interesting information about computer technologies. Attendees get the chance to interact with computer gurus of the past and those on the cutting edge of computers and technology. During the 1995 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference, attendees were entertained by keynote speaker Steve Wozniak's anecdotes about the early days of personal computers. In addition to Woz's entertaining speech, conference goers were able to learn about TCP/IP network programming, the future of object-oriented programming from Ralph Johnson, and some spent time attempting to stomp others in "Mech Mania: It's Stompin' Time", the Conference '95 programming contest.

This year's conference again provides ample opportunity for attendees to learn and have fun. Whether you are interested in tomorrow's languages, want to talk to one of our corporate sponsors about employment, or want to conquer the world and win prizes with your programming prowess, this year's conference is for you. ACM@UIUC has tried to expand Conference '96 in every direction by attracting informative speakers, bleeding edge technologies companies, and providing social events for attendees. We have taken every suggestion for improvement from Conference '95 and made the Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference an event not to be missed.

Ok, ok... When is it? Oh yeah, and where again?

This year, conference events will be held from Friday October 11, 1996 through Sunday October 13, 1996. The Employment Fair will be an all-day affair on Friday October 11, and the programming contest will run through the weekend. Conference talks, including the keynotes, will occur on Saturday October 12, 1996.

All of the conference events will take place on the campus of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. The twin cities are located in central Illinois, approximately 150 miles south of Chicago, Illinois. Although ACM@UIUC does not currently have hotel rooms reserved for the conference, we believe Urbana-Champaign has enough hotel capacity. If you have questions about hotel or area information, please mail reflections@acm.uiuc.edu.

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