1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Volunteer Registration Form

Attention: we have obtained all the volunteers needed at this time. Please register as a regular conference-goer unless you have confirmed your volunteership with our volunteer coordinator

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Because you are volunteering to help out at the 1996 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference, you receive a full passport to all conference events including the Employment Fair on October 11, 1996. Failure to attend volunteer meetings will result in deletion of your reservation for Conference '96.

Be sure to drop a copy of your resume off in the ACM office. Resumes should be one page long, printed on white paper, and fully represent you to perspective employers. Resumes should not be university recruiting data sheets (EPO data sheets for example). Companies will be presented with a resume book near the close of the job fair. The ACM office is located in 1225 DCL.

Conference events are scheduled from October 11, 1996 through October 13, 1996. The Employment Fair/Product Show is currently scheduled for October 11, You will be mailed an official schedule prior to the conference.

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