1997 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference
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17-19 October, 1997

Attendee Registration
Registration fees for the 1997 conference will be $15. This includes all events, meals, and a Conference '97 T-Shirt.

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Payment Information
Attendance to the 1997 Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference costs $15. By filling out this form and submitting it, you agree to pay $15 to ACM@UIUC for entrance to all conference events including the Employment Fair on October 17, 1997. Failure to pay for your registration will result in deletion of your reservation for Conference '97. Please click the item below to agree to these conditions.

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Be sure to send a resume to be included in the conference resume book. Resumes should be one page long, printed on white paper, and fully represent you to prospective employers. Resumes should not be university recruiting data sheets (EPO data sheets for example). Send resumes to ACM@UIUC at the address below. Companies will be presented with a resume book near the close of the job fair.

Payment can be completed at the time of registration, or mailed ahead of time to ACM@UIUC Conference:

Association For Computing Machinery
Attn. Conference Committee
1225 Digital Computer Laboratory
1304 West Springfield
Urbana, IL 61801

Conference events are scheduled from October 17, 1997 through October 19, 1997. The Employment Fair/Product Show is currently scheduled for October 17. You will be mailed an official schedule prior to the conference.

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