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The Personal Software Process - Bob Pauwels


Software can be found in more products today than ever. As software becomes more pervasive, the issue of quality, predictability, and cycle time has become critical to every business, whether software is their primary product or not. Unfortunately, most software projects are delivered late, are over budget, and are of poor quality. The Personal Software Process attacks these issues by teaching software engineers and managers a basic skill set in state-of-the-art software engineering and project management practices; most of which are not taught to software engineering students while they are in college.


Mr. Pauwels is the Training Director at Advanced Information Services Inc. (AIS). He has four and a half years experience in Personal Software Process education, consulting and coaching. As Training Director he is responsible for the development, acquisition, and delivery of training courses for the AIS training program. He has twelve years of software development experience. He is an SEI Authorized PSP instructor and delivers PSP courses to industrial organizations internationally. In 1987 he received an undergraduate degree in computer science from Rockford College. He is a steering committee member for the Chicago SPIN and is a member of the IEEE Computer Society.

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