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Free Software - Panel Discussion


  • Clark Evans

    Clark Evans is a software developer who has taken a six month leave from the industry to study licensing and economics. He is one of the founders of the JOS Project (www.jos.org) and has developed software for Ford Motor Company, Gartner Group, and many other smaller firms. Mr. Evans has a bachelors in abstract mathematics from Michigan State University and has been programming since he was twelve. Clark Evans is currently working with Mr. Prasanth Nair, a logistics consultant, on a book exploring the political economics of software. He can be reached at clark.evans@manhattanproject.com.

  • John E. Davis

    Native of Ohio (born 1961)
    PhD 1991 in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from The Ohio State University
    Involved in the free software movement since 1990
    Author of free software programs:
    MOST (more/less paging program)
    JED (Programmer's editor)
    SLRN (Usenet Newsreader)
    S-Lang Library and Language
    (Also contributed to RXVT, LYNX, and DOSEMU)
    Now working at the MIT Center for Space Research developing data analysis software for NASA's AXAF X-ray telescope (due to launch in January 1999).

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