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Practical Graphics Programming - Jawed Karim

Abstract - 3D Computer Graphics - Raytracing

This talk will cover most aspects of writing a complete raytracing system to generate 3D computer graphics. Covered topics include mathematical concepts as well as practical implementation details.

  • Required programming experience: intermediate to advanced
  • Required graphics experience: little if any


Jawed Karim is interested in 3D computer graphics and has published graphics-related articles in Dr. Dobb's Journal. He works part-time at the Visualization and Virtual Environments group at NCSA and developed 3D volume rendering tools during his recent internship at Silicon Graphics Inc.

Assisted by:

Russel Simmons is fascinated by computer graphics, particularly the realtime 3D variety. When not researching and implementing graphics techniques, he pursues a masters degree and assists in developing virtual environments for parallel system performance analysis.

Greg Pape is a sophomore at the University, majoring in computer science. While he is very interested in the technical aspects of computer-generated imaging, he also has an enthusiasm for the artistic implementation of such tools and techniques.

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