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The schedule is located here.


The registration process is not yet completed as of this date. Those that have signed up to help in this area will be happy to note it will be semi automated. Registration will take place via computer as opposed to a paper checklist and badges will be printed out as each person registers. there will be a reference guide available.

Company Hosts

There will not be individual hosts for each company. A group of people will be assigned to simply help all of the companies whoever needs help setting up at 8:30am friday. This would include putting up posters and propaganda and guiding people from parking lots to the building or redirecting questions to the people who might have an answer or passing out "thank you" items to the recruiters.

Meeting and Greeting

It's a combination of registration and setup. Companies will need assistance setting up posters and propaganda at their booths. Recruiters get small presents. Their parking meter has to be fed if they couldn't find the parking lot. T-shirts need to be passed out to each person at registration

Meeting Time

Location: 1320 DCL
Time: 9PM
A short overview of what you will hopefully know already and a Q&A about stuff overlooked.


Setup includes moving tables, chairs, pegboard, and office stuff around too. If you can, please show up at 8PM on thursday evening (Oct 1) near the ACM office at 1225 DCL.

Questions? Mail marylee1@uiuc.edu or lsmcardl@uiuc.edu.

Questions? Mail us!

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