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Are you local to Urbana-Champaign want to help out with conference this year? For two hours of your time helping out you get free admission to conference events. Volunteering requires you to both attend a mandatory training session and volunteer at conference.

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The 2001 National Student Association of Computing Machinery Computing Job Fair will be held this year on Friday, October 12, 2001 at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in the Digital Computing Lab Atrium. This job fair, held annually for the past six years, is the premier job fair for finding computer science and computer engineering students for internships and full-time/part-time employment. Not only will participation guarantee you access to the best and brightest students at the University of Illinois, but it also will provide access to other students from schools all around the nation who arrive for the weekend to attend the job fair and the associated conference.

There are two donation levels job fair offers to corporate participants. For starters, there is a $500 level for normal participation in job fair.  However, some companies wish to donate more and that is very appreciated. For these companies we offer a full sponsorship level at $1000 which guarantees priority placement at the job fair, the use of private interview rooms, and the placement of your company’s logo and name on all job fair publicity.

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