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The Story So Far

Flipper[1] the dolphin is at war with his evil sister Flapper[2]. Flapper read about her namesakes from the 1920's on the Internet, and has since taken to wearing a dress and a wig. Flipper thinks it's stupid because clothes and hair just slow you down while swimming, but Flapper insists "It's all the rage, the guys at the Sealand data center love it!" To prove his point to the High Court of Bickering, Flipper must collect all the Wikipedia archive CD's he can (the discs were created by spoiled rich children, so they're all CD-RWs, making it easy for him to replace the article on Flappers with a simple redirect to Dolphin). Unfortunately, Flipper lost one of his namesake limbs to a freak motorboat accident off the coast of Bermuda a few years back (don't ask), so he has called upon you and your crew of software pirates to aid in his quest. (Oh, and if you find a burned copy of Iron Orca's "Killer Whale," Flipper wouldn't mind adding it to his collection, but don't mention that to the judge.) To make things a little more interesting, Flapper has also hired her own team of software pirates to recapture Wikipedia archive CDs from you (she intends to remove any references to lack of clothing and hair from the Dolphin article), and moreover seize Flipper's CD collection to prove that he is a music thief, with bad taste at that (Flipper begs to differ on the latter point).

Thus begins the pier to pier piracy...

[1] Flipper was so named because their dad loves playing pinball.

[2] Flapper was named after the "FLAPON\r\n\r\n" command in AIM's TOC protocol because their mom loves chatting with penguins online ("They're such great software developers! We, as dolphins, have a lot to learn from them.").

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