The pitch

Want to contribute to open source projects, but not sure where to start or what tools to use? Attend Shauna Gordon-McKeon's talk on Saturday, then come to our workshop on Sunday.

On Sunday, October 7, we're running a four-hour workshop where we'll mentor you through your first (or your next) open source contribution. We can help you join big projects like WordPress, niche ones like Biopython, and everything in between. And if you want some hands-on time with git and the command line first, come to our workshops, also on Sunday.

It's free! But if you want lunch, you have to sign up.

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Who should come?

Newcomers and experienced contributors alike. For newcomers to open source, come and learn what it's like to submit your first patch to an open source project. Experienced contributors, come to program in a supportive space and build an atmosphere of collaboration.

Mentorship, not competition

The event is run by OpenHatch, an educational non-profit that wants to see more students participating in open source communities. To that end, experienced programmers, system administrators, and open source contributors will be on hand to help you through your first contribution.

Optional tutorials

If you want to learn git or come to a tutorial on the basics of the command line, we'll be happy to teach you on Sunday morning through hands-on exercises.

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What you need to know

It helps you if you are reasonably familiar with one programming language: C, Python, C++, Ruby, or so forth. The open source projects we'll be using as examples will have tasks available ranging from simple documentation fixes where no code editing is needed, to small code changes, to adding unit tests, up to reviewing others' patches.

If you let us know in the sign-up form what you know, we'll work to prepare tasks appropriate for you!

What you don't need to know

You don't have to know how git works, or even how to use the command line. (Come to our tutorials — keep reading!) You don't even really have to know yet what open source is; just be sure to go to Shauna Gordon-McKeon's talk to learn more.

What you'll do

At 12 PM, you'll show up at the Siebel Center 2405, eat lunch, and get to know the mentors in attendance.

At 1 PM, the workshop begins! We'll step you through a guide on contributing to open source. We'll provide specially-chosen tasks that are appropriate for newcomers.

Newcomers track: optional tutorials

If you're a total newcomer to open source, we're happy to teach you what you need to know!

At 10 AM, come to the Siebel Center (room 2405), and we'll introduce the workshop. We'll provide coffee and a basic breakfast.

At 10:15 AM, we'll provide a tutorial on the basics of the command line.

At 11 AM, we'll provide a hands-on tutorial with git, a common version control system.

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