Paul Tagliamonte Paul Tagliamonte

Jumpstart your Debian development with Paul Tagliamonte who will cover the basics of Debian development. No prior knowledge of Debian development is needed but programming experience is necessary. This talk will include an overview of both social and technical norms of Debian, and is aimed to aid in those who wish to explore the process of building a .deb package.

About Paul

Paul is a Software Engineer from Boston, MA, who spends his nights and weekends hacking on the Debian project. His focus within Debian is centered around mentorship / sponsorship of new maintainers. Paul is a member of the Debian FTP Team, which reviews all incoming packages for distributability and freeness of software packages. He also works for the nonpartisan nonprofit Sunlight Foundation during the day, and graduated from John Carroll University (in Cleveland, Ohio) with a BS in Computer Science in 2011.