Reflections | Projections

October 2-5, 2014


After attending the career fairs, make sure to check out the sessions hosted by our great speakers starting on Friday night and continuing throughout Saturday!

Awesome Speakers

We have some absolutely fantastic speakers coming from all over the US to talk on topics ranging from semiconductors to mobile application development to computer science theory!

Career Fairs

Looking for a job or internship? You've come to the right place! Reflections | Projections is where some of the top companies recruit in a casual atmosphere. Bring your resume, but you can leave the suit at home!

Programming Competitions

MechMania is a 24-hour programming contest in which teams of students from various schools compete to create an AI capable of playing (and winning) a strategy game that we have developed for the event.

Register for R|P 2014

Registration is now open for R|P 2014. Register early to get updates on events and ensure you get your R|P 2014 shirt.

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