Reflections | Projections
Oct 1 - 4, 2015

Reflections Projections is

What is Reflections | Projections?

Reflections | Projections is a tech conference organized and run by students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

We draw students, speakers, and companies from around the world. Join us to listen to tech talks from across the industry, to participate in an Artificial Intelligence programming competition in Mechmania, to solve puzzles throughout the conference during PuzzleBang!, and to attend our job and startup fairs.

The conference is free and open to anyone regardless of age, major, job, or affiliation with the University of Illinois. So come join a discussion led by some of the brightest minds in the business about the bleeding edge of the tech industry!

You do not need to register for Reflections | Projections to attend; however, registering is the only way to guarantee you'll get a free conference t-shirt!

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Conference Speakers

Alan Braverman

Anna Patterson

Cassidy Williams

Craig Reynolds

Greg Baugues

Jason Tan

Jerry Talton

Katherine Scott

Michael Armbrust

Roy Bahat

Winnie Cheng

Yisong Yue

Gopal Kakivaya

Conference Schedule

    Thu, Oct 1

  • 4:00pStartup Panel2405
  • 5:00pStartup FairAtrium
  • 8:00pSpeaker: Roy Bahat1404

    Fri, Oct 2

  • 9:00aBreakfastAtrium
  • 10:00aJob FairAtrium
  • 5:00pSpeaker: Craig Reynolds1404
  • 6:00pDinner/GoDaddy TalkAtrium
  • 7:00pSpeaker: Katherine Scott1404
  • 8:00pSpeaker: Gopal Kakivaya1404
  • 9:00pAlumni Event
  • 9:00pMechmania Opening1404

    Sat, Oct 3

  • 9:00aBreakfastAtrium
  • 10:00aSpeaker: Jason Tan1404
  • 11:00aSpeaker: Jerry Talton1404
  • 12:00pLunch/Microsoft TalkAtrium
  • 1:00pSpeaker: Cassidy Williams1404
  • 2:00pSpeaker: Michael Armbrust1404
  • 3:00pSpeaker: Yisong Yue1404
  • 4:00pSpeaker: Winnie Cheng1404
  • 5:00pSpeaker: Alan Braverman1404
  • 6:00pDinner/Palantir TalkAtrium
  • 7:00pSpeaker: Anna Patterson1404
  • 8:00pSpeaker: Greg Baugues1404
  • 9:00pPuzzlebang! Closing2405

    Sun, Oct 4

  • 9:00aBreakfastAtrium
  • 11:30aLunchAtrium
  • 12:30pMechmania Closing1404

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register?

Nope! But registering is the only way you'll be guaranteed a t-shirt. Click here to register.

Do I need to register for MechMania??

Yes! Click here to register for MechMania.

Is the conference free?

Yes! Reflections | Projections is completely free! This includes MechMania and other events.

Will food be provided?

All food at the conference will be free the entire weekend.

What's the difference between Tech Talks and Speaker Talks?

Tech Talks are given by our diamond level sponsors during lunch and dinner meals. Speaker Talks are on specific technical or personal topics.

What's the difference between the Startup Fair and the Career Fair?

The Startup Fair is for startup companies, and the Career Fair is for established companies.

The difference between startup and established companies is determined by conference staff.

I want to volunteer! How do I get involved?

Please join our Facebook event.

I'm a company! I have questions!

Please email us at


Reflections | Projections is held in the Siebel Center for Computer Science at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign201 N. Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL

Coming from Willard Airport

Willard Airport is located south of UIUC. If driving, head north from the airport on the 45 and turn right onto Springfield – you'll soon find yourself on UIUC campus! Alternatively, you can catch a cab from the airport to the building or the 27N/270N Airbus will take you from Willard to the corner of Goodwin St and Clark St just outside the building.

Coming from Amtrak Station

Siebel Center is located 1 mile from the Champaign Amtrak Station. Most buses will take you to campus. The 100S and 120E run every few minutes. Ride one of these buses to the intersection of Wright St and White St, then walk east on Stoughton and you will find yourself at the Siebel Center!

Getting around Campus

Most amenities are available within walking distance of the Siebel Center. However, if walking isn't for you then Champaign-Urbana's public transit system can take you where you need to go. Routes can be mapped using Google Maps or the CUMTD app and each ride will cost you $1. No change is given on the buses, so bring exact fare with you!

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