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Some information on the quadcopter:

Basically, we have an ARDrone quadcopter and we want it to be able to fly around autonomously.

Our current plan is as follows:

  • Collision avoidance
    • Potentially generalizing to the following, depending on time:
    • Visual odometry
    • Monocular SLAM
    • We may make use of structure from motion or a segmentation-based algorithm for some of this
  • Pathfinding (initially using OpenMPL)

Some background on SLAM (care of Bryan):

Papers and things related to what we're doing:

We may have some use for MATLAB; you can get it from the webstore for free:

To use MATLAB off-campus, you will need to set up a VPN:

At present, we are using ROS Groovy and the ardrone_autonomy driver. Details on installation can be found at: ROS

There is also an official SDK for the quadcopter from ARDrone, if you want to play with that. Email for a copy of it (we cannot publicly release it). Note that the SDK is somewhat hard to use due to the readme files being in French and the code not compiling. (Google Translate is somewhat helpful.) Some documentation related to getting it to work is available at: Quadcopter SDK

There is another SDK that looked at, but didn't use is: for more information (beware, French again, but Google Translate is helpful).

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