Volition/Gamebuilders Gamebuild-a-thon

- 12:00 AM

Volition will be judging this semester's gamebuild-a-thon on Saturday, 11/15! The time/date are still tentative, but as of right now this is likely when it will be. We are working on reserving a space. This semester's gamebuild-a-thon will be 12 hours long and be in Pygame. Stay tuned for the theme of the competition and the full competition details!


EA Visit with Gamebuilders

- 6:00 PM

EA will be visiting campus from 2/17 to 2/18, and would like to meet the Gamebuilders. They'll be discussing EA's internship program and giving feedback on the games from the Gamebuild-a-thon. If you have a game and you'd like to receive feedback on it from some professional game developers, we highly recommend you come. All are welcome! The location is Siebel 3401. The EA team will also be at Corporate Connections on 2/17, and will also be meeting with WCS. So if you can't make it to this event, there are still plenty of chances to meet with EA!


Gamebuild-a-thon 2014 - Speedy Development

- February 16 2014 12:00 PM


Hello and welcome to yet another Gamebuild-a-thon! Once again, sponsored by EA. This semester's competition will be a slightly different format: we're trying to make the competition less restrictive in terms of rules and theme. We have also extended the time: the competition will last 24 hours. That should give you plenty of time and creative freedom to make a great game!


Gamebuild-a-thon 2013 - Defensive Design

- 11:00 PM

The Gamebuild-a-thon details have been finalized. The Gamebuild-a-thon is on Saturday, November 16th from 11 am to 11 pm in Siebel 0220. We'll be in a Linux computer lab, so you can use the lab computers. You'll have 12 hours to take a basic tower defense game written in Pygame and make it awesome. Thanks to EA's generous sponsorship, we have prizes ranging from backpacks to T-shirts to video games for the top 3 teams. For more information and the full list of prizes, check out the wiki page. And make sure to sign up so we know how many teams to expect!