Gamebuild-a-thon 2014 - Speedy Development

Ends: February 16 2014 12:00 PM


Hello and welcome to yet another Gamebuild-a-thon! Once again, sponsored by EA. This semester's competition will be a slightly different format: we're trying to make the competition less restrictive in terms of rules and theme. We have also extended the time: the competition will last 24 hours. That should give you plenty of time and creative freedom to make a great game!

The Theme

Unlike in the past, we will not be requiring a genre of game for you to make. Instead, we will give you a theme. And that theme, decided by Gamebuilders exec, is Gotta go fast! So make a game about moving fast. It could require the player to have quick reaction time, or be about fast things, or something else. We didn't want to limit you, so be creative!

Language and Framework

This semester's required language is C++. We will be giving a lot less of a framework; we will providing a build system using Waf, and we'll be providing some useful libraries (the full list is below). This is to give you more freedom to develop your game the way you want it. We'll be providing some example code using Box2D to help newer programmers get started.

If you're new to game development in general, or new to using C++, we highly recommend you come to the general meeting on Tuesday, February 11th. We'll be running a tutorial on how to use C++, SFML, and Box2D, which should help inexperienced participants get started. And, as in past competitions, you can always ask questions on how to use the libraries at the competition itself.

The framework is posted on Github. Click here to view it.


We'll be in Siebel 2405 for the duration.


We are planning to provide lunch at the beginning and the end of the competition, and snacks and drinks for the duration. However, as in past Gamebuild-a-thons, this may vary depending on the number of participants.


First Place: 2 EA backpacks and choice of 2 games from the list below

Second Place: 2 EA water bottles, 2 EA USB drives, and the remaining 2 games from the list below

Third Place: 2 EA bound Journals and 2 EA USB drives

The list of games available as prizes are the following:

Signing Up and Turning In

Signups are required for each team by the end of the competition (12:00 PM on Sunday). This means you can form teams on the day of the competition. If you plan to compete and you don't have a Github account, you'll need to get one. As a result of using Github, all games built for the competition will be publicly posted. Click here to sign up for the competition.

Finding Team Members

For those of you looking for team members, we recommend you use the forums or post on the Facebook event page.

Official Rules

  1. You may have teams of up to 3 people. Teams must be signed up by 12:00 pm on Sunday, February 16th.
  2. You will have 24 hours to build a game and must have a project pushed to your given Github branch by 12 pm on Sunday.
  3. You may not use a project already started.
  4. The current list of allowed code libraries and systems is the following:
    • OpenGL
    • Box2D
    • SFML
    • Waf
    • GLEW
    • FreeType
    • json cpp
    • pugi xml
    • SFGUI
    • OGRE (not provided in framework)
    • Bullet (not provided in framework)
    If you wish to use a library not listed here, let us know and we'll try to incorporate it into the framework.
  5. You may not bring in prebuilt assets prior to the competition. However, you are allowed to use assets from the following sites: We reserve the right to ask for proof the origin of any game assets in submitted games. If there's another website with free game assets we've missed, let us know and we'll consider allowing it.
  6. You must start with the framework we give you, but you can edit it any way you like.
  7. Games will be judged on relevance to theme, creativity, gameplay, and aesthetic design.
  8. Games that use copyrighted assets or are extremely similar to copyrighted games will be disqualified.
  9. Teams with remote members are allowed, but at least 1 team member must be physically present at the end of the competition on Sunday. We will also check Github commits to make sure only 3 accounts were used, so be careful!