Solar Command



In the distant future, humanity's young interstellar empire is engaged in all-out civil war. As a commander of one of the many rising colonies across the galaxy, you must command your forces, colonize new worlds, and defeat your rivals to establish dominance in this new era.

Solar Command is a session-based collectible card game (CCG) for Android with strategy elements. You must use a variety of unique cards to build ships, colonize new worlds, and conquer existing ones. Your goal is to defeat your opponent and establish dominance over your sector of space by conquering your opponent's capital world.

The game is currently in closed alpha on the Google Play Store. To join the alpha test, request to join the Google group here. Once you're approved to join, follow the instructions in the group's posts to download the game. No source code for the game is provided here, as Solar Command will (hopefully) become a commercial product. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to port the game to iOS.

New team members are always welcome, regardless of experience level. To contact the team, or to send feedback about the alpha test, click here to send an email.


Project Lead
  • Praneet Sahgal
  • Praneet Sahgal
  • Praneet Sahgal
  • Praneet Sahgal
  • Prateek Sahgal