A tower defense game created in 12 hours for the ACM Gamebuilders Fall 2013 Gamebuild-a-thon. All graphics were created with drawings made from crayons in mind. Build arrow, rock, and bomb towers to stop birds from attacking the beetle. The game features three levels and an intuitive interface. A Windows executable is also included.

Beetle-Free was considered to be in its final state as soon it was ready to be submitted for the competition. There are a number of obvious bugs in the game, but there are no plans to fix them. The fact that it was a complete game with a title screen, gameplay, an ending screen, and reasonable interactivity was a satisfying enough product for the team that built Beetle-Free.

Download the game here.


Project Lead, Programming
  • Larry Resnik
  • Lucy Halliwell-Smith
Design, Resources
  • Larry Resnik
  • Lucy Halliwell-Smith