Engineering Open House

MacWarriors participates in the annual UIUC Engineering Open House. Below is a list of the projects that we have presented at past EOHs.

  • 2006 - LaserLine 2.0

    This year, we rewrote LaserLine from the ground up. The new version of LaserLine interfaces with our laser projector, and allows you to import and show ILDA and Flash movies on the projector.

  • 2005 - LaserLine

    LaserLine lets anyone turn a standard laser pointer into an entertainment system.

  • 2004 - trailblazer

    TrailBlazer is a new proof-of-concept web browser for Mac OS X. TrailBlazer features a graphical history with content searching that allows users to quickly and easily find the webpage that they are looking for. TrailBlazer won second place for Engineering Ingenuity at EOH and has been featured on numerous websites including Slashdot, MacNN, and MacOSXHints.

  • 2003, 2002 - 3DOSX

    3DOSX is a file system browser that utilizes three dimensions to view directory hierarchies. It supports a full range of file system actions, such as copying, labeling, creating new folders, and ejecting disks.

  • 2001 - iCampus

    iCampus is a cubic virtual reality tour of the north quad of UIUC that runs in Quake.

  • 2000 - Mac OS 9 Face Recognition Logon

  • 1999 - Speakable Desktop Games

  • 1998 - Campus QTVR Tour

    This project consists of numerous connected QuickTime VR panoramas of the UIUC campus circa 1998.

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