Source Code

To get the source code for Mac OS X projects you must use Subversion. Click for svn instructions

Contributing Patches

When you submit patches, you should use a context diff. To do so, run either: diff -c oldfile newfile > patch or diff -c -r olddir newdir > patch for multiple files. Then send your patch to

MacWarriors Projects

  • MyCampus

    An iPhone application built for students and faculty on any campus.

  • LaserLine 2.0

    Next generation laser show software.

  • WebTunes

    Web based streaming music player

  • Traffic

    Traffic is a Dashboard Widget that allows you to keep track of your bandwidth usage on the university housing network.

  • Laserline

    LaserLine lets anyone turn a standard laser pointer into an entertainment system.

  • Trailblazer

    TrailBlazer is a new proof-of-concept web browser for Mac OS X. TrailBlazer features a graphical history with content searching that allows users to quickly and easily find the webpage that they are looking for. TrailBlazer won second place for Engineering Ingenuity at EOH and has been featured on numerous websites including Slashdot, MacNN, and MacOSXHints.

  • Older Projects

    MacWarriors projects from previous years.

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