Until now, laser visualization systems have been both expensive to purchase and extremely complicated to set up. The MacWarriors project, LaserLine, is designed to address these two core issues. Both hardware and software components are utilized to allow an ordinary laser pointer to be turned into a device that allows for the display of a variety of graphics and animations. By using the standard audio output from computers, and an inexpensive scanner combined with software running on the computer, LaserLine allows anyone to display simple graphics and animations with an ordinary laser pointer.

LaserLine was developed by MacWarriors and released at the University of Illinois' Engineering Open House 2005.

For questions, comments, or problems, please email macdev-projects@acm.uiuc.edu

LaserLine 2.0 is now in progress, to see it go here.


LaserLine_0.1.dmg (520kb)
LaserLine requires Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later.

LaserLine (Intel) (123 kb)
LaserLine for Intel Macs (compatible with Java 1.5)

Source is available via anonymous subversion access at http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/svn/macwarriors/LaserLine/

Development Information

Technologies Used: written with the Cocoa Framework in Objective-C and Java, version control system: Subversion

Developers: Josh Benjamin, Robert Chin, James Commons, Joey Hagedorn, Justin King, Matt Ronge, Bob Van Osten, Chad Weider




Draw Sinewaves

Star Laser Output

Another Star

Laser Scanner


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