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3DOSX General Info

3DOSX is a file system browser that utilizes three dimensions to view directory hierarchies. It supports a full range of file system actions, such as copying, labeling, creating new folders, and ejecting disks.

We released to the public on March 8th, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Engineering Open House. We entered it against a myriad of other student projects in a design competition winning 2nd place. Simultaneously, we made it available free for download from our web site, http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/macwarriors.

3DOSX was developed using Cocoa and Carbon routines to gain access to the file system, and OpenGL for display. The "cool" part of 3DOSX is the new paradigm of computing interfaces that it represents. While there is admittedly a ways to go before 3DOSX becomes as quick and clean as the current Finder in terms of workflow efficiency, we feel that the user experience will in time lead to a better way of interacting with files. A lot of what 3DOSX is based upon could be called "eye-candy", but one must explore the program's features to truly appreciate what it can do for the average user. 3DOSX is the first, the only 3D filesystem browser that doesn't suck.

3DOSX is designed for the average user, and cutting-edge computer enthusiasts. It's obviously not well-suited to business or technical professions (yet), but the experience will be put out for all to enjoy.

Requires: Mac OS X, version 10.1, and an OpenGL hardware accelerated video card (supporting OpenGL 1.2 or higher).


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