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3DOSX is a file system browser that utilizes three dimensions to view directory hierarchies. It supports a full range of file system actions, such as copying, creating new folders, labels, and ejecting disks.

Requires: Mac OS X, version 10.2, and an OpenGL hardware accelerated video card (supporting OpenGL 1.2 or higher).

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Version 2.0 Beta (Apr 2, 2004): Download (1.4 Mb)

  • New user interface

New in 1.5 MWSF Edition (Jan. 7, 2003): Download (1 Mb)

  • Rename
  • AltiVec Screen Saver
  • Jaguar Support
  • Save working state of environment via Sets
  • Dock Menu
  • Updated Documentation via Help Menu
  • Auto Check for new versions

For older versions of 3DOSX, click here.

† The original graphic cards in the following machines are currently NOT OpenGL accelerated in Mac OS X :

  • Power Macintosh G3 (Desktop, Mini Tower, and All-In-One models)
  • iMac (233, 266, and 333 MHz models)
  • PowerBook G3 Series
  • PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard)
  • iBook (original)

This information comes from the Apple Kbase Article #106154

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