These are older projects that have since been retired but they may be of use to someone.

MacWarriors Older Projects

  • 3DOSX

    3DOSX is a file system browser that utilizes three dimensions to view directory hierarchies. It supports a full range of file system actions, such as copying, labeling, creating new folders, and ejecting disks.

  • UIDirect

    UIDirect is a program that allows UIUC students and faculty to access UIDirect from any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

  • UIUC Address Book

    UIUCAB is an application that allows Macintosh users to synchronize contacts with the most recent information on the UIUC LDAP/PH server.

  • iCampus

    iCampus is a cubic virtual reality tour of the north quad of UIUC that runs in Quake.

  • Campus QTVR Tour

    This project consists of numerous connected QuickTime VR panoramas of the UIUC campus circa 1998.

  • Rhapsody Ports

    This is a collection of source code for software that has been ported by MacWarriors members to work with Rhapsody DR1. Programs include Lynx and Pine.

  • Xcode Plug-in for CVS over SSH

    This is a plug-in for Apple's Xcode that provides a graphical interface for working with CVS over SSH.

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