Engineering Open
House 2004

2nd Place

General Information

TrailBlazer solves the problem of getting back to a web page you've been to before, but didn't have the forethought to bookmark. The current solutions provided by most web browsers, their history menu, is just a list of titles and web addresses which aren't memorable enough to be useful.

The actual solution used by most people, is to retrace their own steps through different links until they find they page they are looking for. Our software solution provides the user with a graphical representation of the steps they took from page to page, such that they can simply click to their final destination page.

TrailBlazer was developed by MacWarriors and released at the University of Illinois' Engineering Open House 2004.

Click here to read about the difference between TrailBlazer and MosaicG.

View the TrailBlazer introduction video! (16.3mb)

For questions, comments, or problems, please email


TrailBlazer_0.52.dmg (520kb)
TrailBlazer requires Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later.

To download the source via anonymous SVN, use the following command:

svn co Trailblazer

Technology Overview

  • Written with the Cocoa Framework in Objective-C
  • Uses Apple's Web Kit Framework for web page rendering.
  • Uses the Lucene Search Engine from the Jakarta Project for content searching and indexing of visited pages.
  • And Apple's transparent Java Bridge for using Lucene in this Objective-C application.

  • Research Papers (PDF)

  • Project Proposal
  • Task Analyses
  • Heuristic Evaluation (early)
  • Formative Evaluation (early)
  • Prototype Testing Results

  • Screenshots

    Graphical History

    Content Searching

    Graphical History

    MacWarriors in TrailBlazer

    Integrated Google Search

    Security Features

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