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Most Macintosh users don't realize there is a powerful hidden interface to their computers -- a way to control and automate much of what we do every day; a way to save time and money; indeed, a way to have the computer do your work for you. It's called AppleScript, an easy-to-use, approachable, English-like language that controls nearly everything your computer can do. If you're not using AppleScript, you're working too hard. Give yourself a break... learn AppleScript today!

AppleScript Introduction (1999)

If you've never heard of AppleScript before and want to learn, this is the workshop for you. We'll explore the Script Editor and the basics of scripting, and write several easy but useful scripts. In short: by the time you leave this session, you'll be "armed and dangerous" and ready to start saving time and money with AppleScript.

You can download all the example scripts from this workshop here.

"AppleScript in a Nutshell" (1999)

In the spirit of the famed O'Reilly "In A Nutshell" books, this session is a no-nonsense tutorial for people who already have some experience in working with a scripting or programming language and want to start using AppleScript. We'll finish the hour with a Q&A and problem-solving session.

More Scripting (1999)

After you've completed the Introduction or "In a Nutshell" workshop, check out this session. We'll write some more scripts, exploring more methods of using AppleScript to create solutions, demonstrating a few advanced techniques, including how to read an AppleScript dictionary to script applications better.

You can download all the example scripts from this workshop here.

AppleScript Special Features (1999)

Recent releases of the Mac OS have added all sorts of new and exciting features to AppleScript; this session is devoted to exploring them in detail. The subjects we'll cover include Folder Actions and URL Access Scripting from Mac OS 8.5 and 8.6, and AppleScript over TCP/IP and Speech Recognition scripting from Mac OS 9.0.

You can download all the example scripts from this workshop here.

AppleScript Introduction (1998)

We'll start here with the basics: learning the background and structure of the language and how to use the Script Editor to write and run scripts.

Mac OS 8.5 and CGI scripting (1998)

The release of Mac OS 8.5 makes scripting an even more powerful tool than before. In this workshop, we'll take you through all the latest tricks: Folder Actions, new scripting additions, unit conversions, and how to write CGI scripts for Mac-host ed World Wide Web pages.

Scripting Additions (1998)

Wouldn't it be nice if your script could... use advanced UI components? have a fast list sorter? use a low-level TCP/IP or serial interface? Through the miracle of Scripting Additions, it can. Our resident Grand Poobah, Joel Jones, shows you how to cook up your own.

Original AppleScript Workshop (1996)

The original workshop by MacWarriors cofounder Steve Bytnar, which contains some information not included in the more recent workshops.