Workshop #1: Introduction to AppleScript

About This Workshop

Many exciting new features have been added to AppleScript in recent releases of the Mac OS. In Mac OS 8.5, AppleScript finally became PowerPC-native--resulting in a fivefold speed increase--and added some useful new commands and terminologies, including Folder Actions. The Mac OS 8.6 update added a few other new features, most notably among them URL Access Scripting, which allows scripts to easily upload and download from FTP and HTTP servers. In Mac OS 9, AppleScript has been further improved: scripts can now communicate over TCP/IP, and several new commands have been added, including the ability for scripts to make use of Speech Recognition. Also, as the operating system has been updated, more and more system components are scriptable, making AppleScript control even more useful.

In this workshop, we'll look into a few of these new features in detail. We'll start with Mac OS 8.5 and continue to Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9; each section is clearly labeled with a system version so that you don't run into problems trying out the examples if you don't have the latest version of Mac OS.


In some sections in this workshop, script examples will build upon one another to create ever more complex scripts. In such cases, script text that hasn't been changed since the last example will be dimmed so that the new text stands out.

We'll be using these AppleScript Formatting settings so that script text is easy to read:

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