DevPhone is an iPhone conference held by MacWarriors that covers everything from what an iPhone application is, to the Objective-C language, to frameworks, to building GUIs with Interface Builder, to optimizing iPhone graphics.

Visit the DevPhone website for slides and more information.

iPhone Development Tutorials

The iPhone is one of the most exciting platforms ever to hit the market. There are few universities and organizations jumping to train students and faculty in how to take full advantage of these technologies, and MacWarriors is one of them. This page is where you can get help on how to write applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Introduction to iPhone Development

This talk centers on the basics of iPhone Development, such as what is in your application bundle and how your application runs, lives, and dies.

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Providing the base layer of Objective-C classes for the iPhone and the Mac, Foundation is a framework you will always use when writing Cocoa applications. It defines how objects live and die in your application, introduce conventions, and provide a layer of platform independence. This talk also contains two difference sample code projects.

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Cocoa Touch

In this talk, we go beyond the iPhone basics and start introducing concepts like view controllers, views, controls, responders, and other iPhone technologies.

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VoteTracker Sample Application

In light of the election, we decided to do a massive demo on Election Day and build an election tracking application. You can download the source for this or browse it on our Trac.

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