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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on www-s.acm.illinois.edu. Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
Admin-announce-l Announcement from ACM Admin
Alumni ACM Alumni mailing list
Amp-l Discussion for the Acoustics Music Player
Archive-l [no description available]
Boneyard Banks of the Boneyard submissions
Caffeine-l Discussions on maintenance and repair of caffeine
Chapters-l List for discussion between various ACM chapters
Cluster-l ACM Cluster notifications
Codeclub [no description available]
Conference Used by the planners of ACM's Reflections | Projections conference
Eoh-l List for misc EOH stuff
Exec ACM Exec Mailing List
Exec-announce Low-volume public announcements list for the ACM Exec board
Film-l Movie Night, Come One Come All
Food-l food run announcements
Forsale-l buy and sell stuff in champaign-urbana
Fss-l Free Software Society Discussion List
Gamebuilders GameBuilders General List
gb-dev GameBuilders Development Team
Gnulug-l Gnu/Linux Users Group
Groot-l A list for groot issues
Hackillinois-l [no description available]
ICPC-l ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest
Illini-hackers-events-l [no description available]
Init-l Group for Freshmen and New Students
Jobfair-l [no description available]
Jobs-l Job search list for ACM
Kweerie-l List for the discussion of a Tunez replacement.
Logistics-c Conference Logistics Committee
macdev-projects MacWarriors Project Development
MacWarriors MacWarriors
Mecheye-l Mechanical Eye
Media-c Conference Media Committee
Membership-l General announcements for all ACM members
Minecraft-l [no description available]
mm-help Mechmania User List
Ourcade-l [no description available]
Outreach ACM committee for community outreach.
Projects-l Projects Committee mailing list
Public-l Public ACM announcements
PuzzleCrack-l [no description available]
Ringcycle-l Used by developers and enthusiasts of the Ring Cycle research project.
RP-announce Information and updates about the reflections | projections conference.
RP-Corporate-l [no description available]
Rp-receiving [no description available]
Rp-recieving [no description available]
scavenger-l list for organizing the CS scavenger hunt
SIGACT-l Algorithmic and Computational Theory Group
SIGArch-l SIGArch meetings and projects
SIGArt-l Special Interest Group for Artificial Intelligence
SIGBio-l Cyborg mayhem / SigBio
SIGBot Special Interest Group for Robotics
Sigchallenge-l [no description available]
SIGCHI-l ACM@UIUC SIG for Computer-Human Interaction
Sigcoin-l Special Interest Group for cryptocurrencies
Sigcommunity-l [no description available]
Sigcoop-l [no description available]
SIGDave-l Instead of focusing on just one topic, like graphics or music, SigDave works on short-term projects -- whatever nifty idea grabs our short attention span.
Sigeducation-l Mail-List for SigEducation
SIGEmbedded-l Mailing list for UIUC SIGBED
SIGGRAPH-Announce Announcements about meetings and other official information regarding ACM SIGGRAPH
SIGGRAPH-l Mailing list for general UIUC ACM SIGGRAPH topics and discussions.
SIGIR-L [no description available]
SIGKDD-l SIGKDD - Knowledge Discovery / Datamining
SIGMation-l Special Interest Group for Computer Automation and Entertainment Technology
SIGMil-l Your source for all things Evil
Sigmis-l [no description available]
SIGMobile-l SIGMobile mailing list
SIGMusic-l SIGMusic Mailing List
SIGNet-l SIGNet mailing list
Signeuro-l [no description available]
SIGOps-l Mailing list for sigops
SIGPLAN-l The mailing list for ACM SIGPLAN.
SIGPony-l SIGPwny's official mailing list
SIGSAC-L SIGSAC mailing list
SIGSoft-l SIGSoft mailing list
Sigspatial-l [no description available]
SIGUnix-l SIGUnix mailing list
SIGWin-l The SIGWin Mailing List
sls-l List for Student Lecture Series by ACM@UIUC
Social-l Social Commitee's List
Speakers-c Conference Speakers Committee
speakers-l Reflections Projections speaker liason archive
sv-l Sounds & Visions List
Test-l A list so that Andy, or John, or whatever can play with the settings.
Tours-l [no description available]
TW2002-l ACM Tradewars Player List
UBD-l University Business Developers
Volunteers-c Conference Volunteers Committee
Web-c Conference Web Committee
Webmonkeys-l Webmonkeys. Web stuff.
Website-l Discussions on a new ACM website

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