The 1st annual Puzzlehack contest is the first attempt to bring a "Puzzlehunt" type contest to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For years groups at MIT, Microsoft, and many other institutions have hosted events where groups of people solve logic and technical puzzles in an attempt to win prizes. For more information on these contests, check out:

This contest is somewhat different from most other puzzle contests in that it is generally unregulated. While most contests have strict rules about the number of individuals on each team and deadlines for puzzle submissions, our contest has one simple rule. Find the XBox - take home the XBox. It's that easy.

In a unique twist on other puzzle contests, the puzzles for this contest will be published once daily in the Daily Illini student newspaper. We will also publish the puzzles on the Internet, but not until 5PM on the day the puzzle appeared in the Daily Illini.

The main purpose of this contest is to have fun. Some of the puzzles in this contest will be incredibly challenging, and we hope you enjoy solving them.

(c) 2002 josh michaels, igor kofman, sam glassenberg - e-mail questions@puzzlehack.org