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Welcome to SigBio's Virtual Anatomy Textbook (VAT). This WWW based project is our attempt to illustrate the ability of the Internet to be used for educational purposes. Currently, one can find thousands of pages devoted to very complex and involved facets of Biology, but few are suited for the Undergraduate College Students or High School students. It is in these groups that we hope our textbook will be useful.

Secondly, SigBio has created this site in order to demonstrate and better educate ourselves with ever changing Internet technology. In less than two years, the World Wide Web has evolved from a mainly text-based information source to a wide-reaching multimedia platform that reaches millions worldwide. Our hope is to demonstrate an effective use of this technology, with an eye on content rather than simple quantity, in order to encourage a more productive use of this amazing technology.

The Lymphatic System
A brief look into
the body's defense system.
The Nervous System
Explores nerves, the
senses, and the brain.

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