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7/2004 - Post EOH

The Foozbot finally lives. After the drop of the platform vehicle due to a lack of interest, Foozbot was put into the final stages of completion. Full write-up will follow soon.

7/2004 - Beginning of Year

Eric Crowley and Keun Lee lead SIGBot. New project is a platform vehicle to both teach basic electronics/coding, as well as explore swarm intelligence.

5/2004 - End of Year

Foozbot not finished with retrofit at end of year. Completion Fall 2004?

7/2003 - Beginning of Year

Doug Jorgeson is Chair. Foozbot retrofitting (metal frame, new PCBs) planned for year.

5/2003 - End of Year

Foozbot suffers multiple failures at EOH 2003. Plagued by Warped Wood, PIC problems, time...

7/2002 - Beginning of Year

Jeff Kramer chairs Bot. Project is to be a robotic Foozball Opponent.

5/2002 - End of Year

Robot rebuilt using parts from previous robot in addition
to lots of new additions. Robot enters Jerry Sanders competition but is unable to compete due to computer malfunctions.

7/2001 - Beginning of Year

Igor Kofman leads Sigbot now. Project is a rebuild of last year's robot for entrance in the Jerry Sanders design competition at EOH.

5/2001 - End of Year

Project for the year ended up being Caffeine the linux powered online student id accepting talking soda machine. Additionally lots of stuff was put together/purchased for a robot but it was decided it would not be deliverng soda due to lack of time/interest in the project post EOH. Instead the mostly working robot will hopefully serve as a generic platform for future Sigbot robot projects. Sigbot invests lots of money into tools, laptop, and robot parts.

7/2000 - Beginning of Year

Mike Dabrowski leads Sigbot now. Project is retrofitting of 30 year old soda machine to be placed on the internet. Additionally a soda delivery robot which communicates with the soda machine is to be built.

5/2000 - End of Year

Construction on Piku kicked off hardcore at start of 2000. Piku was finished but never quite walked as hoped.

7/1999 - Beginning of Year

Doug Armstrong leads Sigbot now. Project is Piku, the pneumatic powered two legged walking robot.


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