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Kinect Mapper

The robot is connected to a computer and a kinect. The computer obtains Kinect data and uses it to determine where to move next (as of spring 2013, this was basic obstacle avoidance). This information is then sent to the arduino, which ensures that the robot follows the command. Encoders have been placed on the wheels to maintain desired speed.

The goal of this project is getting the robot to map the inside of a building. Once this is working, we would also like the robot to be able to move to a point specified on its 3-dimensional map.

Code can be found here

PUMA 560 Robotic Arm

The PUMA 560 is an older, industrial-strength robotic arm with 7 degrees of freedom. It was initially controlled by a large, specialized computer that currently stands next to the arm (and has in large part been disassembled). Currenlty, a single joint can be controlled via computer.

The goal of this project is to control the arm using a standard laptop.

Building a Quadcopter

This project consists of building a quadcopter from scratch.

AR Drone

2013, Special Interest Group for Robotics, Association for Computing Machinery, University of Illinois