21 Oct 2002
Report on Monday's meeting.

  1. Which software process to use, RUP or XP?
    - Conclusion : RUP if we are allowed to
  2. Which language to use?
    - Conclusion : C++ or C# for superior performance, and good supporting documentation, maybe even a little Visual Basic.
  3. Stanley gathered a list of requests from the members for relevant readings they need.
  4. Mehwish will email Professor Sudharshan for the talk, she has also volunteered to invite the D2K team from NCSA to give a talk about their work.
  5. Lionel will research getting SORF funding for more books and food for coding sessions.
  6. SourceForge: We are going to use them for source control and configuration.
  7. Go have a look at the KDD repository at the University of California Irvine and their Machine Learning repository its got a sample data we could use for SQL Server.

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