sigops linux kernel module tutorial

Right now, there's just example code, w/ little or no explanation. Of course, contributions and comments are welcome (and needed!). I especially would appreciate testing the examples; most of the problems that I'm concerned about are with the build (correct include dirs, compiler flags, etc).

This code is all licensed under the GPL, but I haven't put all of the appropriate files and headers in yet that mark it as such. This code is all my own, but I did look at examples from Rubini's book Linux Device Drivers and a few other online sources, so expect similarities. Hopefully, others will contribute, so that it's more of a sigops group project than just some of my example code.

New Example code: Old Example code: Here is a tarball as of 10/06/2002.

Update: Another tutorial (11/05/2002)

We have another tutorial graciously contributed by pratap []. It covers much of the same material as the sigops tutorial, but has some more explanation and less clutter. I have not personally tested the code, but it's supposed to run fine on a 2.4 kernel, YMMV. As I understand it, this tutorial is incomplete, and pratap is still working on more examples.

Update: Yet Another tutorial (10/14/2004)

We have another tutorial contributed by John Carrino It covers much of the same material, but some other things like polling and interrupts.

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