A Special Interest Group for Operating Systems


Projects are an important part of SIGOPS and help us turn our ideas into tangible products. We are always working on something and are also looking to expand our projects list at all times.

Active Projects

We always have a few active projects, and are constantly looking to add more. Here is what we are working on right now:

  • Raspberry Pi Cluster
    • A cluster consisting of around 20 Raspberry Pi's used for deep-dream style neural nets, Hadoop clusters, and other uses. It's maximum specs are as follows
      • 80 1 GHz cores
      • 20 GB RAM
      • Variable storage
  • Peer-To-Peer File Share
    • A file transfer system based on the P2P protocol. Allows for high speed and secure transfers.
  • Peer-To-Peer Secure Chat
    • A chat system that uses the P2P protocol for secure, decentralized chat between parites

Have a project idea?

Feel free to contact us at sigops-l@acm.Illinois.edu. SIGOPS loves to sponsor EOH projects with either software or hardware requirements. If you have any sort of project idea, do tell us! We would love to expand our horizons and expore more with you

2016 - A Special Interest Group of ACM@UIUC