The APL Programming Language

Michael Ilseman, Senior in CS

Tuesday, 11/4 at 5:30pm in 2405 Siebel

APL, originally a mathematical notation for expressing complex computations concisely, is a family of languages that facilitate different and novel approaches to solving problems. The language is known for its power, expressibility, being dynamic, and for being very quick to develop. It won its creator a Turing award. video

The Kerberos Authentication Protocol and what it can do for you

Christopher Clausen, Senior in CS

Wednesday, 11/12 at 5:30pm in 2405 Siebel

The Kerberos network authentication protocol can be used here at U of I to facilitate logging on to a variety of computers, including EWS, CSIL, CS, and ACM computers. This talk will briefly describe how Kerberos works and provide instructions for you to actually use this technology to save yourself time and increase security when accessing computers (usually through SSH.) video

Computer Science, a Mac, and you: Taking Advantage of Apple's Developer Tools

Kevin Cathey, Junior in CS

Thursday, 11/20 at 5:30pm in 2405 Siebel

Today, there are more Macs being used on campus than ever before, especially in computer science. However, most of Apple's core Developer Technologies remained unused, and learning even their basics can save you hours of time as a student or faculty member in computer science. This talk will look at these tools and the common scenarios that they are used in. video

Pragmatic Regular Expressions

Matt Sparks, Senior in CS

Thursday, 12/4 at 5:30pm in 2405 Siebel

An exploration of the powerful pattern matching language, covering the fundamentals, syntax, and practical usage. video slides