Web Monkeys is a Special Interest Group(SIG) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and we are affiliated with our ACM(Association for Computing Machinery) local chapter. We are, for the most part, like-minded students brought together by our common interest in all things related to web design and/or programming.

Our main goal is to explore the new and emerging technologies of the web. From HTML5 to Python, from Rails to Node, we spend most of our time diving into projects whose sole purpose is to push the limits of the internet.

Come join us is a few of our events to see what we’re up to. We will have many events throughout the year that you can stop by to say, “Hello!”

Event Descriptions

Weekly Meetings - We will have general weekly meetings on Wednesdays, 3405 Siebel Center at 7:00PM – 8:30PM.

Group Projects - At the beginning of the semester, members will be given a chance to pitch ideas that they will like to work on form the remaining of the semester. Once the ideas are decided, everyone can pair-up and chose their project of choice that they’d like to work on.

Demo Days - At the end of each month, groups will be allowed to show off the progress on their projects.

Office Hours - The officers will hold office hours during the week to help groups with their projects.

Tutorial Sessions - Members will be have the opportunity to share their knowledge with everyone. We will have planned days where a member can give a lesson on any internet technology related topic of their choice. Come learn Github, how to develop a website, or pick up Django in your spare time.

Hackathons - Spend the night coding away on any idea you’d like. These may or may not be a typical 24-hour hackathon.

Random Week - Members can vote on a “random week” to study anything off track of what they are doing. A week to give people the chance to splurge. We may study databases, servers, API’s, Backbone, Git, HTML5, etc. Take the time to pick up an extra skill that you always wanted.

Fun Night Out - Just a random none code related night to have fun.