Listed here will be all of the current projects that our members are working on. We work in groups, so it would be helpful to know how to use Github as it is our main interface  for project management.

Members are free to have projects that they’ve started listed here along with the projects that were initialized by a group.


2012 – 2013 Projects

UDJ is a social music player that allows many people to control a single music player from their smart phones. Web Monkeys helped create the web client for the UDJ project.

Code Blue

Realtime online code editor with collaborative capability. Code Blue will act as a programming help-me tool for those who have “how-to” questions or need help fixing a bug. Written in Share.js, Node.js, and Django.


BitHose is a HTTP file sharing server allowing users to stream/push movies as well as other large files to someone else immediately.


Passback Stories is a site for collaborative storywriting, enabling users to write at their hearts content off of someone’s existing story. In a sense, each story is a “tree” of different storylines.


Quizr is a platform for sharing, creating and playing quizzes. Earn points by playing quizzes, and use them to promote your quizzes.


Past Projects
2009-2010 mEvent

mEvent is an events aggregator which scans the websites of local venues (like the Canopy Club, the Illini Union, etc) and collects all the events it finds into a single database. This database is then made searchable via the website, making it easy to find out what’s going on around campus.

2008-2009 MonkeyRisk

MonkeyRisk is a browser-based implementation of the classic stategic board game RISK! The game is played in real time with a JavaScript front-end interacting with the PHP/MySQL server-side game engine. Click here to join in the quest for world domination!

2007-2008 Caffeine & Photosaic

During Fall ’07, we built a ‘version 2.0′ of the web-end of Caffeine, just as a fun little project to get the ball rolling and to play around with the Django web framework (and to learn some python!) We then moved on to create an AJAX-ey photo mosaic generator. We cleverly called this Photosaic.

2006-2007 WebPrint

WebPrint was a system which allowed you to find a person’s “footprint” on the Internet. A system was devised to allow a user to enter in a person’s name, and then any and all data that could be found about the person was parsed and displayed. It mostly remained a cool idea; we did manage to get two modules working: one for Myspace, and one for UIUC’s PH.

2005-2006 ChimpOS

ChimpOS was an emulated operating system in a browser. Essentially, we built a filesystem using PHP and a MySQL database, and allowed users to register, and login and see a “desktop”, complete with icons to launch applications, or change settings such as their wallpaper. We completed three different skins: Windows XP, Fluxbox, and OSX (including the dock!). The front-end was all done with javascript to do neat effects (specifically, the OSX dock).