The way in which all users interact with UNIX is their shell. The shell runs programs for the user, directing data to and from running processes. It gives the user an environment in which to get their UNIX work done.

When configured properly, the UNIX shell makes using a system more convenient and easy. If your shell is not well configured to your preferences, using it can cause extreme inefficiency, headaches, and sometimes harmful, unintended results.

This workshop is not an attempt to convert you to using zsh. If you've been using another shell for fifteen years, chances are you're going to need a really good reason to switch to zsh. (Who knows - this workshop may very well give you several.)

The purpose of this workshop is to show how you can use zsh to make your UNIX experience more productive and enjoyable on the whole. I will show you many of the how's and what's of zsh operation.

The presentation is split into 3 main portions: