To Get You Started...

Obtaining Zsh

The primary distribution site for zsh (as of version 3.1.5) is:


A local UIUC FTP site also makes zsh available at:


The zsh FAQ, manual pages, documentation, tutorials, example configuration files, and more can be found at:

A set of man pages also comes with the source: (From the intro man page)

          Because zsh contains many features, the zsh manual has been split
          into a number of sections:
           zsh          Zsh overview (this section)
           zshmisc      Anything not fitting into the other sections
           zshexpn      Zsh command and parameter expansion
           zshzle       Zsh command line editing
           zshparam     Zsh parameters
           zshoptions   Zsh options
           zshbuiltins  Zsh built-in functions
           zshcompctl   Zsh completion control
           zshmodules   Zsh loadable modules
           zshall       Meta-man page containing all of the above

So, to find out more about zsh parameters, type man zshparam at your UNIX prompt.

Mailing lists

Zsh has three mailing lists: one for announcements, one for user discussion, and one for hacking / development / bug reports / patches. To subscribe: send an email with the subject of the form

subscribe your-email-address

to the corresponding places:

You only need to join one of these lists, as the announcements are sent to all three groups, and the user discussions are also sent to the workers list.