Related Completion Items


  AUTO_LIST (-9)
             Automatically list choices on an ambiguous completion.
             Automatically use menu completion after the second consecutive
             request for completion, for example by pressing the tab key
             repeatedly. This option is overridden by MENU_COMPLETE.
             If a parameter name was completed and a following character
             (normally a space) automatically inserted, and the next
  	   character typed is one of those that have to come directly after the
  	   name (like `}', `:', etc.), the character is inserted before the
  	   space rather than after.
             If a parameter is completed whose content is the name of a
             directory, then add a trailing slash instead of a space.
             When the last character resulting from a completion is a slash
             and the next character typed is a word delimiter or a slash,
             remove the slash.
             Prevents aliases on the command line from being internally
             substituted before completion is attempted.  The effect is
             to make the alias a distinct command for completion purposes.
             If unset, the cursor is set to the end of the word if completion
             is started. Otherwise it stays there and completion is done from
             both ends.
             When the current word has a glob pattern, do not insert all the
             words resulting from the expansion but cycle through them like
             MENU_COMPLETE. If no matches are found, a `*' is added to the end
             of the word or inserted at the cursor if COMPLETE_IN_WORD is set,
             and expansion is attempted again.  Using patterns works not only
             for files but for all completions, such as options, user names,
             Whenever a command completion is attempted, make sure the entire
             command path is hashed first.  This makes the first completion
             If this option is set, completions are shown only if the
             completions don't have a unambiguous prefix or suffix that could
             be inserted in the command line.
             Beep on an ambiguous completion.
             When listing files that are possible completions, show the type
             of each file with a trailing identifying mark.
             On an ambiguous completion, instead of listing possibilities or
             beeping, insert the first match immediately.  Then when
             completion is requested again, remove the first match and insert
             the second match, etc.  When there are no more matches, go back
             to the first one again.  reverse-menu-complete may be used to
             loop through the list in the other direction. This option
             overrides AUTO_MENU.
             In completion, recognize exact matches even if they are