Why zsh?

Zsh is arguably the most powerful and configurable UNIX shell available. There are very few, if any, things that other shells can do that zsh can not. This is why zsh was chosen for this workshop.

Simply put with a cliche, it lets you get far more done in far less time.


Below are many features of zsh.

Aliases Job Control
Functions Easy and Flexible I/O redirection
Directory Stack Command history
Command-line editing (vi, emacs, and custom modes) Fully customizable keymaps
Lookup of usernames Login/Logout monitoring
Superior Filename completion Hostname completion
Username completion History completion
Fully Programmable completion Restricted shell Mode
Coprocesses Builtin artithmetic evaluation
Can follow symbolic links invisibly Local variables
Periodic command execution Easy and Extensive Prompt Configuration
Sun Keyboard Hack Spelling Correction
Process Substitution Underlying sh Syntax
Checks Mailbox File no clobber ability
Tty Sanity Checking Can cope with large argument lists
Has non-interactive startup file Has non-login startup file
Can avoid user startup files List Variables
Full signal trap handling Global Aliasing
Freely Available